Frequently Asked Questions nsa sex, sex in jhb

1. Who can join NSAcontacts ?

Anyone who is single or married and over 30 who lives in Gauteng or travels here at least twice a month. We don't cater for couples.

2. What is the difference between Silver and Gold Membership ?

Silver Membership gives you full access to the Intros, but NO access to the Limo Rides, Parties or Events that we host.

Gold Membership gives you FULL access to Intros, Parties, Limo Rides and Events.

3. If I join as a Silver Member to "try it out" can I upgrade my Membership once I am satisfied with what I see ?

No you will have to see your Silver Membership through for the duration of one month, there are no upgrades for Silver Members during this month.

In our 17 years experience people who are dubious and sceptical generally don't start off with their best foot forward and don't do very well in our Club, you are an adult, make an informed decision and either join or X the site down if it isn't for you.

4. How long does it take after I make a payment before I receive my login details ?

You will receive your login details within 24 hours if you made a transfer from ABSA or a cash deposit, however an EFT from another bank (ie: Nedbank to ABSA) can take 2 to 3 working days to clear.

5. How do I become a VIP Member ?

VIP Membership is only available to existing Members.

Not everyone qualifies for VIP status, once you have joined as a Gold Member you are welcome to ask us if you qualify or not.

6. I don't have a discreet e-mail address, can all correspondence be done via sms ?

You will have to go and get yourself an e-mail address as payment confirmation, login details, introductions and profiles can ONLY be done via e-mail, it is not possible to sms.

Our initial e-mail to you containing your login details and how to find your way around as a Member is simply way too long to sms. Besides when it comes to the time that someone is intereested in making contact with you, most people like to chat via e-mail first so we cannot help you if you don't have an e-mail address.

We recommend you get yourself a discreet e-mail address at any of the free providers such as Ananzi, Gmail, Webmail ,etc. This will ensure your e-mails are 100% private.

7. How do I go about meeting the profiles ?

Once you are a Member, you will find more personals in the Members area as well.

Once someone is interested in meeting you and you are also keen to meet, you will then advise us whether we should give that person your e-mail address or your cell number to make initial contact, that is the only time your details will be handed out and only with your permission, this is our way of facilitating the intro, thus ensuring your discretion.

8. How do I place my own profile, and can I update it regularly ?

Simply mail it to us, we will place it for you and update it as often as you like, within reason.

9. Can I use an alias / pseudonym ?

Yes you are welcome to use any name you like to protect your anonymity.

10. Are all profile pics also blurred in the Members Area ?

Yes they are, thus guaranteeing your anonymity.

11. Do you cater for couples ?


12. Do you do same sex Introductions ?

No we don't cater for Gays or Lesbians.

13. Why do you only cater for single (whether they are married or not) Babes and Studs ?

Because there are enough clubs in Gauteng which cater for Couples only.

14. Are all your active Members only in Johannesburg ?

Most of our Members reside in Gauteng, although some live in Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Durban etc, but they do visit Johannesburg regularly to enjoy the Club's benefits, as we don't cater for any other area besides Gauteng.

15. Do I need to come to a party to meet Intros ?

No, a lot of people prefer individual meetings, rather than groups.

16. Am I guaranteed of sex ?

No you are not guaranteed of sex, if someone doesn't like you they are not going to fuck you !!

Unlike other automated dating websites, we strive to and take great pleasure in ensuring our Members meet their fantasy NSA partner or partners. From the time you join we will help you every step of the way, from creating your profile to making up wishlists and facilitating them.

At the end of the day it is really up to the opposite sex to want to meet you, so yes, that is what all our Members are looking for, anonymous nookie, no strings attached.

17. Do I have to meet you in person or how do I arrange to meet you guys ?

Your only option to become a Member is to join online.

In our first 9 years of running the Club we used to meet a lot of Members prior to them becoming Members, but now this isn't possible as more and more people are joining and besides our "normal" daytime jobs we still plan and host 2 - 4 parties a month, so we simply don't have the time and manpower to meet new Members individually. Besides we aren't a "matchmaking service" so personal interviews aren't necessary.

We do however meet most of our Members at either a a Party or Limo ride, we look forward to meeting you there :)

18. Are the profile pics for real ?

We trust our Members to provide us with their real pics, but should someone submit a false pic and it gets found out, that person will be barred from the Club immediately.

We meet most of our Members in person so anyone who claims to be what they are not is only going to get themselves barred from the Club and that would have made it a pointless exercise for them to have joined in the first place. We believe that if you are honest in your approach, you will find what you are looking for.

19. Do I need to bring a partner to one of your parties ?

No, we ONLY cater for single (whether they are married or not) Babes and single Studs who leave their partners at home.

20. Will my identity remain anonymous ?

Yes, absolutely 100%, your privacy is guaranteed from our end.

21. I am under 30, will that count against me ?

If you are a Babe, no it won't, as in our experience even 21 year old females conduct themselves gracefully and get along with all age groups, infact most younger women are looking to meet men older than themselves.

However if you are a 20 something Stud who carries on like a teenager with a bad attitude then our Club isn't for you.

This is an Adult Club which caters to the more mature 30 plus and older age group, you need to not only be sexually mature but mentally mature as well to understand what discretion and anonymity means when dealing with married people on a personal level.

In our experience Studs under 30 aren't very successful so we would deter you from joining, therefore there will be no disappointment from your side.

However if you are under 30 and feel that you are mature enough to interact with people in their 30's to 50's then you are welcome to join.

22. Is colour/race an issue ?

No, we all get along very well together, however personal preference prevails.

23. Why are your calling hours ONLY from 5pm till 8pm ?

As you would have seen on our website, we are in the IT industry and have normal jobs like everyone else, so as a Visitor you don't need to call us because any queries you may have can be done via e-mail.

Our free time is spent mostly on facilitating Intros, planning and hosting parties and our Members are more than happy with being able to contact us any day of the week during these hours.

24. I have joined other Adult websites, only to be disappointed, how is yours any different ?

We are NOT just a website, but a club in a class all of our own !! How many other websites provide access to personals, limo rides and parties single and married men and women ? You never meet the owners of websites, they always seem to be anonymous. Our website speaks for itself.

And as we say on our Main Page ...

Unfortunately local Adult websites have a bad reputation, we are not one of them. If you have previously joined an unscrupulous website, that does not mean you should point fingers at legitimate clubs, we have been in existence for over 18 years providing an ongoing platform for likeminded Adults to make contact and we deliver what we promise by means of keeping the website up to date, doing extensive advertising ensuring new Members join on a daily basis and hosting as many parties as we possibly can.

Feel free to to make your own informed decision by reading through our website, however if you are cynical or if this site is not for you then please just x the page down, we find it infantile to have to justify or take unwarranted abuse that is hurled at us.

25. Are any of the people who advertise prostitutes ?

NO, they are just people that are in touch with their sexuality and want to enjoy themselves. Escorts have their own websites that they advertise on.

26. What if I don't live in Gauteng ?

If you travel to Johannesburg regularly then you are welcome to join, if not then you are missing out on all the fun as we only have Intros and Parties in Gauteng.

27. Do you know of any similar Clubs in Cape Town, Durban, etc ?

No we don't, we live in Johannesburg and have our own Club so we have no need to frequent other Adult Clubs.

28. I live in Cape Town, Durban etc and would like to meet some of your Members who live in my city, is this possible ?

No it is not possible, our Members who reside in other cities come to Johannesburg to enjoy discreet NSA fun, if they were looking to meet people where they live, then they would have joined a site which caters for their city, once again Intros ONLY take place in Gauteng.

29. I live elsewhere and will only be in Gauteng for a few days / weeks, will I be able to meet someone ?

Realistically no, our Members aren't here to entertain people who breeze in and out of town never to return again. If you travel to Gauteng at least twice a month then you would stand a good chance of meeting someone.

30. Are you planning to start a similar Club in Cape Town or Durban or any other city ?

No, Our Club and website isn't a franchise, it is a hobby and since we live in Johannesburg we only cater for people who either travel here regularly or those who also live here, Introductions and Parties will only ever take place in Gauteng.

31. Why do you have different URL's and which one should I use ?

We were the first to use the term NSA in a URL and now there are 1000's of bogus UK / US / German etc websites that are registered that claim to be local, but really aren't.

One URL is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, so in order for us to compete with so many NSA URL's we had to register several in order for you to easily find us on major search engines.

You are welcome to use any of the URL's below, whichever is easier for you to remember, they will all take you to one website,

32. What is your Refund Policy ?

Once you purchase Membership it is final and non refundable, there are "No Refunds", so ensure this is what you want before you pay for it.

We can however put your Membership on hold for a maximum period of up to 30 days until such time as you are ready to use it. Your only other option is to give your Membership to a friend as a gift.